Google is Everywhere.

A few years back, Google was just a search engine. People didn't have accounts with it. They just searched for stuff online.
Now, just from my Gmail account I made years ago, I have access to my own calendar system, document hosting, software project hosting, personal website, and blog. That's just the things that I've personally used my account for. Now that they're even making their own operating system, customized netbook for it to run on, and even their own programming language, pretty much the only thing they don't have is a Flash games site.

 With how many places they are, I'm grateful they're mostly just acting as good alternatives for nearly everything else. To demonstrate how many other options there are besides Google, I've made this table of stuff they've made and a few alternatives for each.
TopicGoogle's ProductOther Product 1Other Product 2Other Product 3
Web BrowserChromeFirefoxIESafari
OSChrome OSWindows 7KubuntuOS X
ComputerChrome netbookDellHPOLPC
Search EngineGoogleYahooAsk.comBing
DocumentsDocsMS OfficeOpenOfficeKOffice
MappingMapsMapQuestWikiMapiaBing Maps
BooksBooksWikibooksKindleProject Gutenburg
VideoYouTubeVimeoFlickrChannel 101
PurchasingCheckoutPayPalAmazon PaymentsVisa
Website HostingSitesAngelFireWikiaTripod
Code HostingCodeAssemblaSourceforge.netCodePlex
Photo EditingPicasaPhotoshopThe GIMPKrita
The table originally appeared oddly in the post preview, but it seems to be working now after a skin change and re-editing it. Also, I originally planned on posting this sometime towards the beginning of Thursday....

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